Saving for the future is stressful. And it’s not just college. It’s sports leagues, dance classes, vacations. The list goes on. Village allows your family and friends to support these savings goals by gifting towards these experiences for your children.

Afford experiences

Museum memberships. Sports Leagues. Classes. Vacations. These are the things your kids will remember and cherish. But they are expensive. Village finally helps you afford those experiences by allowing your friends and family to contribute towards them.

Reduce clutter

Did you know the average 10-year-old has 238 toys, but plays with just 12 of them daily? Most of these toys are collected as gifts from birthday parties. Village offers an alternative gift option to help reduce clutter and waste.

Teach good habits

Nearly half of Americans do not save any money and do not feel prepared for the unexpected. These habits will not change, and will pass on to the next generation, unless we take action today. Village offers content and games to help parents and kids learn financial responsibility, together. Coming soon

So how does it work?

Create goals, share your page, collect gifts, enjoy experiences.

Create different goals

Short term and long term goals

There are all sorts of expenses and experiences you want to save for. From the art class your child wants to take this summer, to that day when you hand your child the keys to their first car. We know all goals are not created equal, so we support dreams both big and small.

Collect for experiences

Share your page

Letting your family and friends know how they can help can be awkward. By letting them see your savings goals, and allowing them to add directly towards them, Village helps you avoid those uncomfortable conversations. You will be a given your own URL, which you can include on invitations, to share with friends and family.

Invest funds

Give better gifts

Knowing what gift to bring to a party can be difficult. It's also uncomfortable when you can't attend the party. Our digital card experience allows gifters to choose a gift amount towards something they know the family wants, and leave a video or picture message to be cherised forever.

Link account and widthdrawl

Withdraw funds whenever

We allow you to link any major bank to your account and withdraw funds at any time via ACH. Whether you achieve your goal or not, the money is yours. By withdrawing your funds, you let others know you are no longer looking to source gifts for that experience and that your little one has new interests!

You don’t need to break the bank

Paid Monthly


per child

Paid Annually


per child

2 months free

  • Link account and widthdrawl

    Unlimited withdrawals and deposits

  • Link account and widthdrawl

    Custom gifting link to send to friends and family

  • Link account and widthdrawl

    Data encryption to make sure your information stays safe and secure

Ready to start saving for your child’s future?

We are currently in an Early Access period which means the platform is not live yet. But if you add your email here, we will keep you updated on progress and let you know as soon as we launch. We may also reach for feedback on our product.